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For those who take pride in their vessels & want the best craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal, Carpenter On-Board is the number one choice.

Carpentry, marine canvas, and upholstery services for boats and yachts.

With our experience and expertise, we guarantee to provide our esteemed clients with superior quality and outstanding results all at an affordable price.

Ceiling Panels

Custom Ceiling Panels were added with the Wood Work.

Instrument Housing

This cabinet went from unsightly to perfection.

Wall Repair
Water Damage Fix

We removed rot & added new wood. Veneer matched grain and color.

Dash Veneer
Re-Veneer Dash

We Re-Veneered the Dash on this Luxury Yacht.

Door Panels

Custom Teak Fridge/Freezer Door Panels

Veneer Restoration

This Cabinet Reached Visual Perfection with our Veneer.

Teak Combing
Covering Boards

We Added Covering Boards and Combing to this 65 Viking.

Moor & Whip
Moor and Whip

Custom Moor and Whip was Installed to this Deck.

Hidden Mount
Trash Can Mount

A Hidden Trash can Mount was Fabricated for this Cabinet.

Door Modification

These Cabinet Doors were Modified to be See-Through

Head Refit

We Replaced the Flooring and Cabinet in this Head Refit

Galley Flooring

We Replaced the Veneer with Teak & Holley Veneer.

Custom Build
Sink Cabinet

We Custom Fabricated this Undersink Cabinet for Aesthetics.

Shelf Upgrade
Coffee Bar

This Shelf was Created to House a Coffee Maker and Mugs.

Medicine Cabinet
Medicine Cabinet

This Medicine Cabinet was Creatively Placed in an Empty Spot.

Galley Cabinet
Galley Cabinet

We made this Galley Cabinet with Shelves and Cup Holders.

Shelf Addition

We made this Shelf to Match the Coffee Bar we Created Above it.

New Cupboard

This Bathroom Cupboard was Created Under an Existing Sink.

Wine & TV Cabinet
Entertainment Cabinet

This Custom Cabinet was made with a Motorized TV Lift and a Wine Rack.

Microwave Cabinet
Microwave Mount

We made this Kitchen Cabinet with a Mount for the Microwave.

Desk Storage
Desktop Cabinets

We made this Desktop Storage Area with Small Cabinets.

Bedside Table

This Bedside Table was made with a few Electrical Outlets and Switches.

Decking & Flooring
Decking & Flooring

This Custom Flooring was made with our CNC Machine in the Shop.

Salon Cabinet
Salon Cabinet

We Customized this Cabinet to fit in a Tight Space and Function Well.